Chinese-Canadian designer specialising in womenswear, Yvonne Lin holds

an MA in design from the Royal College of Art and a BA in womenswear from

Central Saint Martins in London.


Theatre, performance, body – they constantly inspire and nourish

Lin’s design. She sees design as a form of expression, and seeks to translate

visuals into the whole gamut of emotions. Her practice is one of visual

language, which transcends disciplinary boundaries, and encompasses accessories,

footwear, installation, stills and film towards the ultimate visual objective.


Lin’s design fuses classism with modernity, captures strength and

sensitivity in equal parts, in celebration of the intriguing mix of fragility

and toughness within a body.


A combination of flat pattern cutting and draping are woven

throughout each collection, with a measured study of proportion and a focus on

details that invite the audience to look up close.

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email: ylinyvonne@gmail.com

phone: +44 07843735046